Friday, September 25, 2009

Sexy boot

I just had the easiest jean shopping experience in my entire life!! So I've read on a few blogs that the new Gap 1969 Jeans are amazing. I was doubtful because 1. I love my sevens and 2. Gap jeans/pants have always made my butt look awful. But I was in need of a new pair of flat shoe jeans. (I've been in need for a while, since this incident.) So I decided I'd stop by Gap, expecting to try on like 10 different pairs and to walk out feeling fat and awkward and all of those other horrible jean shopping feelings. I started by looking at the "Perfect Boot" cut. The sales lady told me that they were mid rize and that I may want to try the "Sexy Boot," which is a low rise. I grabbed a pair of each and headed into the fitting room.

I put on the Sexy Boot cut and was instantly amazed! They fit nice. Fitted but no muffin top. And TOTALLY comfy. But then I did the butt check. Since these were low rise I assumed if I bent over my booty would be hanging out the top. Nope! Perfect. Low and "sexy" but no crack-il-lackin'. I was in love!

Oh and another wonderful thing, that most of you don't have to worry about, but I do... I ALWAYS have to have my pants hemmed. Regular length is always too long, but short or petite length is always too short. But Gap has the "ankle" length. It was the perfect length to wear with flats or kitten heels. Can it get more perfect!

Oh yes it can! Seven for all mankinds usually retain at about $160 or so. These Gap, fit my body so right, jeans were only $69 including tax!

Yay for an awesome jean shopping experience!!

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  1. Wow! I'm going to RUN to GAP tonight and try out these jeans. I really need new jeans but feel too chubby for the whole dressing room drama. I hope these pants fit me as well as they fit you! Awesome!! And I love the price too!