Friday, November 20, 2009

Tis the Season

It's amazing to me that we are entering into "the holiday season." Here are some things that I am looking forward to.

  • Having family in town. 2 of my Aunts and their families are coming into town for Thanksgiving. It will be fun to see them. (I really really wish my siblings would all be home, but I guess I'll live.)

  • Food!! Pies especially

  • Snowflake Lane is always fun to take the kids too. Will and Mickayla loved it last year.

  • Bellevue Botanical Garden Lights

  • Nutcracker - one of my friends nieces, who I totally love, will be in the PNB Nutcracker this year, so it'll be especially fun to go to. (this is a picture of the beautiful Maddi.)

  • Christmas lights in general. It's been SOOO dark on my drive home lately. It'll be nice to have a bit of cheer in the darkness.

  • Christmas music - I know, I know, not yet. But I'm excited for that time to come.

  • Gifts - I love giving gifts. I love wrapping gifts. I love organizing gifts under the tree. I love recieving gifts. I just love the idea of giving. Not in a monetary way, but in a heartfelt, show people you care about them way.

  • Christmas break off of work! Enough said

  • And probably my favorite... having a child to share Christmas time with! He makes it all much more enchanting.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Disaster turned into laughter

I've never been superstitious about Friday the 13th (and really I'm still not) but this last Friday, the 13th, made me question it for a bit.

Friday after work I planned on having a nice quiet evening at home, mostly by myself, other than a friend, Ryan, stopping by to help me hang some things. I started working on cleaning up my condo and putting things away as I'm still in the process of getting settled into my new place. While cleaning my bathroom I thought, "I should hang these pictures over my toilet. They're light, so I don't even need a nail, I'll just use a thumb tack."

I was straddling the toilet, trying to hang the pictures, when one of them slipped. It dropped straight down behind the toilet. The next thing I knew there was water spraying everywhere, at what seemed like a million miles an hour. Luckily when I had my inspection a few weeks ago the inspection guy showed me where the main water turn off was. I quickly turned off the main water, but my bathroom was completely filled with water and the water was beginning to go into my closet and bedroom. I threw down towels and began to clean up the mess. I used all of my (white) bath towels, so I went and grabbed the only other towels I had, the beach towels. Not a big deal, except in my panic to get things cleaned up I threw all the wet towels in the bathtub to deal with them later - not thinking about the wet red towel laying on the white towels. ugh.

Once the water was dried up I went to asses the damage. Right away, when I grabbed the cord to the toilet it sliced my finger open. Really?! ugh. It wasn't a bad cut but was at an angle, and needed a band aid on it to keep it closed. Naturally, I couldn't find any band aids.
Then I got a call from Ryan, who had been at the gym working out. He's said "are you ok?!" I said, "I think so." He says, "I keep getting emergency texts from you. 'my bathroom is flooded', 'I cut my finger', 'I can't find any band aids.'" He also said, "weren't you supposed to wait for me to help you hang things?... don't do anything else, I'll be there soon."

Feeling a bit relieved I decided I would change my focus and start making dinner. Rice and steak, no big deal right? Easy.

Ryan got there and I answered the door. I felt pretty UNcool. My hair a mess, my pants rolled up from wading through the water in my bathroom. I scrambled back into the kitchen to continue making dinner. My knifes were sitting on one part of the stove top, but out of the way of what I was doing. Unfortunately, I turned on the wrong burner, and melted my knifes. We sat down to eat and things just got worse. He said he liked his meat somewhat rare, but I mean this cow was still moo-ing. I threw them back on the pan (since I don't have a grill.) and tried to cook them longer. We tried eating them again, but finally gave up. *ugh, I felt like a loser*

We then realized that if we wanted to try to come up with a solution for the bathroom problem that we should head to Home Depot. We got there at 9:52, right as their closing announcements started. We quickly grabbed some parts that we hoped would work and were quickly ushered out by the employees who were anxious to get home.

We did what we hoped would be a good enough repair (which I found out the next morning did not work.) No fault of Ryan's as he was a bit rushed when we were at Home Depot trying to find a solution.

Finally, I tried to relax. But not before dropping the bag of dog food, when trying to fill up Decko's bowl, which resulted in dog food spilled all over the kitchen floor.

Eventually, we sat on the couch, and talked and laughed. (We had been laughing all night, but it was a bit different because earlier we were just laughing AT me.) After all of the ciaos of the night everything felt ok.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Favorite Etsy Shop

So now that I am moved in to my new condo, I am of course dreaming even more about how I want to decorate. I'm still in the dreaming stage because I haven't even unloaded all of my boxes, but I'm getting close to being able to start decorating. Today I decided that I'd start looking around for throw pillows to tie together my living/dining area. From the last post we all decided that the walls will be painting a dark blue-grey. The wood in the kitchen and living area is dark cherry or walnut. My sofa is a sage-ish green, and then I will have 2 brown leather accent chairs. I'm thinking that because a lot of this is very dark, that I will need to accent with pillows and decor in lighter colors.

I ran into this wonderful Etsy store and fell in love with just about everything that the seller makes. I was thinking these 2 pillows would be great on the accent chairs to help lighten things up.

Let me know what you think, take a look at her store and let me know which ones you think would look best. She also has the most adorable framed prints that make me feel happy just by looking at them!