Monday, September 14, 2009

Iron Girl Walk

Ok let me just start this off by saying we do not deserve the title "iron girl" we did this walk as just that, a WALK. In fact our finish time for the 5K (3.1 miles) was a whopping 1hour and 4minutes. So it was hardly even a stroll. But we enjoyed it and it was well worth the time.

Our group participants were, Myself, my sister Mickayla, my friend Antonella, her daughter Bailey and my other friend Courtney. Let me just say that I completely love all of these people. What an awesome group to stroll around Greenlake with!

Antonella, Courtney and I have decided that we (mostly me) need to be more active. Courtney and Nella are both personal trainers, and my desk job has done horrible things to my body, so they are going to be my encouragement to get out and be more active.

Apparently Bailey likes to be carried!

Side note: Antonella and Courtney are both AWESOME trainers and uplifting positive people. I became friends with them when I worked at Golds Gym in Redmond. If you are looking for a personal trainer then definitely contact them.

Courtney works at Golds Gym in Redmond: 425-883-9494

Antonella trains out of her home. Visit her website at She also sends out newsletters with tips and monthly active outings. The active outings are no cost and just a fun way to get out and have some fun while being active. Comment, or contact Antonella or myself if you'd like to be added to her newsletter email list. The more the merrier (and the more people to encourage me!!) ;)

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