Monday, August 31, 2009

Designer for Less

I love nice clothes, but I hate paying for them. I have recently become a (free) member of the following sites. All of which give discounts on designer clothes. (yay) Although, really I'm too cheap for most of these things even at sale prices.

Seven For All Mankind are definitely my favorite brand of jeans and on Sept 3rd through the 5th they are going to be on sale on Rue La La. They'll probably sell our SUPER fast though.

Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

bits of hippie

I would never consider myself "green" or to be a "hippie" but I do recycle and I try to make my little differences in the world.

Today I bought these cute bags to add to my reusable bag collection. (hopefully I'll actually remember to bring them IN to the store.)

I also feel drawn to these recycled bottles that are turned into cups. How cute! Check out the sellers etsy shop for all kinds of recycled cups.
I really like these shoes! And I asked a co-worker what she thought of them. She said, "I love them, but they are totally hippie!" She's a hippie at heart, so of course she loved them, but she was surprised that I did.

Speaking of hippies and the like... a week from today I am headed down to the Bay area to visit 2 of my sisters and their husbands and one niece! (yay! I love my family!) The sister and bro-in-law that I'm staying with live just outside of Berkley. So I'll get to see some real hippies! Yay for all natural. I love people with passion!

full of love

Do you ever have those times that you feel like you are just so full of love and gratitude? I'm having one of those moments. Thinking about my past week I think about the wonderful people who bless my life daily. I love laughing, and crying, and just talking with these wonderful people.

I also feel like I love people that I don't even know. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I feel like there is just love seeping through the computer. Maybe it's just relating to them and their joys and their struggles.

I don't know what it is, but I love this feeling of love. So thank you all for being SO awesome!

I love you!!! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Statement Rings

Lately, I've really been loving big, chunky, statement rings. I have some, which I usually get at Forever 21 because they are uber cheap, but here are some others that I love love.

This one is from staroftheeast etsy shop.

This one, from

This one is from the FlawlessArt etsy shop.

If you didn't notice I love to window shop on I like the handmade stuff. So if you ever have the desire to buy me a gift, feel free. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look better NAKED!

I've thought many times that all I need to do to motivate myself to eat better and work out more often is to just put a picture of my naked body somewhere where I would see it often. The problem is that then other people may also see this picture of my naked body... not such an appealing idea. Thus I have never done that.

Down the street from my work there is a new gym opening up. It's the David Barton Gym. Their ad slogan is "Look better naked." I like the idea and I understand that they are trying to take the bold approach. That is also obvious by taking a look at their website. (which, btw, is not for childrens eyes)

One of the girls I work with is going to join the David Barton Gym and she invited me to go with her to their pre-opening party. I have no intention of joining the gym, and I am purely going for the free appetizers and the social hour aspect of it.

And one last thought about this... every day I drive by where the new gym will be located. They have HUGE window signs advertising the gyms opening. This person is on all of the signs. My question is: Is this I man or a woman? I'm confused. Make-up, but something about them makes me feel like it's a man? What are your thoughts?

I'll let you know how the appetizers are! :)

New blog

When my oldest sister moved away to California, she made each of us promise that we would have a blog so that she could stay informed on what is going on with each of our lives. My blog was intended to keep friends and family updated with the happenings in my son and my life. However, my rambling mind took over. I've recently noticed that the random posts are out numbering the posts about Will and myself... so I decided to create this blog for my randomness and keep the other one from our day to day family adventures.

I dont know if anyone will read this, but that's ok, it's more of an outlet for me. :) But if you DO read, please do comment. I love comments!

Much love!
The Rambling Erin