Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mariners game.... it's the little things

Last Monday morning while sitting at my desk at work I recieved a text from my friend Natalie. "do you have Will and do you have plans tonight?" "No, and no" I replied. She told me that a friend of hers had tickets to the Mariners game that night, that she and her husband Jake were going and that they needed one more person. "not that it matters, but he's pretty cute" she added. "ok, sounds good. I'm in" We figured out logistics and that we would meet up in Bellevue a bit after 6 to drive to the game together.I hurried home after work to change and let my dog out to go potty. I had no idea what to wear. Knowing Natalie I knew she would not be in jeans with flats on. "Do I dress nicer to match her more, or do I go with the normal casual stuff that I would typically wear to an M's game? I wonder if this guy is expecting me to be like Natalie since I'm Natalies friends??" But I decided to stick with my typical casual, going to a game, attire and threw on some jeans, pumas, t shirt and a jacket.

When I met up with them in Bellevue I found that I was right in my assumption. Natalie was wearing a sweater dress, leggins and knee high boots. :) I had looked Joel up on Natalie's facebook at some point during the day, so I knew in general what he looked like, but I thought he looked even better in person. Joel drove to the game. He and Jake in the front and Natalie and I in the back. I was sitting behind Joel and I liked that he opened my door when I would get in or out of the car. He didn't make a production of it, I could tell that he was just really a gentleman.

Throughout the game Joel and I talked and joked around. He was very easy to get along with. We made bets on the hat trick and the boat races. Both of which I won. He told me that he let me win them so that I would come back for more. :) I felt 15 again. I was excited when our arms touched when we both put our arms on the arm rest. Wow, right? I'm how old? But it made me happy.My favorite moment of the night? The "little thing".... When we were leaving the game, walking through the hordes of people, back to where the car was parked, I had to stop to tie my shoe. Jake, Natalie and Joel continued walking, but when Joel noticed that I had stopped he came back and stood next to me. When I stood up he said "I just didn't want anyone to trip over you." Little thing, but it made me feel good that he even thought to do that. Gentleman.

After the game we stopped for milk shakes (except for Natalie who of course ordered a salad and just drooled over our shakes) and then headed back to where all of our cars were. We said our goodbyes, Joel and I hugged and then I headed home. I think I fell asleep smiling that night.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

more randomness

Some of you may have read this post last year about 25 random things about me. Well I dont have 25 more to share, but I thought maybe I'll give you 5 at a time every once in a while.

1. I find myself counting random things without intending to. Like stairs, or steps to the car from the door. There is no purpose for the counting and once I realize I'm doing it I wonder why I'm doing it, yet I catch myself counting a lot.2. I really really dont like artificial sweeteners. Diet soda = yuck! I can't stand the taste. And they say Coke Zero tastes like regular coke. WRONG. Tastes yucky. I rarely drink soda anyway, but if I do it'll be a chubby coke. And I can taste artificial sweeteners in food as well so dont think you can trick me. Plus, sure they may be less or no calories, but I prefer sugar. My body knows what to do with sugar, it doesn't know what to do with chemicals. And I believe we will someday find out that all of the artificial things we put in our bodies are cancer causing, so I'd like to avoid them for that reason as well.3. Melons make me gag. Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe..... gag, gag, gag. The sucky thing is that I want to like them. I still buy watermelon every summer because I like for other people to eat it. People look happy when they eat watermelon. But not me. The closest thing to a melon that I can eat is a cucumber. Cucumbers aren't a melon you say.... well my mouth thinks otherwise. I literally gag if I have a melon, cucumber by it's self has the same reaction. Cucumber smothered in ranch or hummus, I can get down.4. I'm a biter, or more of a nibbler I guess. My favorite thing to bite it my sons buns in jammies. Seriously, when he's climbing up his ladder to get in his bed at night I just can't help myself, I have to get a nibble of those cute jammie buns! Weird thing is I think this is a genetic urge. Weird right? But anyone who knows my Grandma Risenmay knows that she's a biter too. She hugs and kisses everyone, but you know that she really likes you if she gives you a nibble.

5. I love people. Sometimes when they probably dont want or deserve it. I think I smoother them. (Come to think of it, I think I get this from Grandma Risenmay too.) I want people to be happy and I try to make them happy. But I'm learning {slowly} that I can't make people be happy, and that I can show my love but I need to let it happen not force it.