Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A lot of people don't eat breakfast (shame on you!) But I think a lot of people don't because they are not morning people and they think that they don't have time for breakfast.

Here is a link to some quick and easy breakfasts from I love delish. They have great recipes and ideas.

Here is one of my personal favorites. I used to eat these for breakfast all the time.

Tip: to make it even less of a morning time consumer, put the yogurt in little Tupperware ahead of time. And the granola in baggies. That way in the morning all you have to do is grab a container of yogurt, a baggie of granola and a spoon and you're on your way.

Another tip: use plain yogurt rather than vanilla yogurt. I know, I know, it sounds gross, but it's not. When you eat it with granola, and especially when you eat it with fruit too, you definitely don't need the flavoring or the extra sugar. It tastes great, AND it's better for you. Win, Win!

Bon Appetite!

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  1. are you on elli's side?!! :)

    that yogurt/granola/fruit thing is one of my absolute favorites. and you're right about the plain yogurt: yucky on its own, but delicious in this combo.