Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti Relief

It seems as though there is a lot of hurt and heart ache lately. One such situation that brings much heart ache is the devastation in Haiti after the earthquake. I don't watch the news much but the glimpses that I've caught about the situation in Haiti are absolutely heart breaking. So many people hurt and in need.

Service Steel is a steel provider that Primus (the company that I work for) works with. Mike Hightower, the General Manager of Service Steel, had a daughter, Molly Hightower, who was working at an orphanage in Haiti. Her body has been recovered from a collapsed building where she lived and worked in Haiti.

While she was alive Molly had started a shoe drive to provide shoes for people in Haiti. What an awesome idea! Her parents, along with Service Steel, are continuing this effort. Other business and churches in the area are helping with this shoe drive. To any of you who live on the Eastside, let me know if you have shoes that you'd like to donate. I'd be happy to come by and pick them up to put in the drop box at my work.

Of course financial donations are also needed. There are several organizations helping in the Haiti relief. I encourage you to find one that speaks to you, and donate, even a small amount.

If you would like to donate to rebuilding the orphanage that Molly worked at please visit

Also if you'd like to read a little about Molly's work at the orphanage please visit her blog at


  1. do the shoes need to be newer? and both kids and adults? i just popped over to her blog. so wonderful what she was doing over there. i'm so sorry for her family.

    thanks for the info.

  2. New or used. Any size. Let me know if you have some and I'll stop by and pick them up. Amy - maybe I'll pick them up on wednesday and get a cookie?! :)

  3. That is so sad. I haven't read her blog because I don't want to cry at work. I am so glad they were able to find her remains. I would hate to be a parent and just not know for sure. What an amazing person to see a need and fill it like that.

  4. our church did that with "Soles for Souls" an organization like that. What a tragic story. All of the deaths were a tragedy, but it hits a lot closer to home when it was someone over there doing relief work. What a legacy to leave though...