Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Being February, the month of love, I've decided to focus on the people and things that I love. Lately there have been a lot of {not good} things happening to people that I care about. A lot of things that have made me sad or hurt. So I think focusing on love will help me realize all the beautiful, lovely, relationships and things that I have in my life.

I will start with my biggest love in my life. My son William.

- I love Wills cuddles. They make my heart feel different than anyone else can.

- I love that when we lay down next to each other he puts his arm out and wants me to lay my head on his shoulder, just as if he were a bigger boy that I'd cuddle with

- I love how he randomly tells me that he loves me

- I love how he touches my face (even though sometimes he touches it too harsh, and once he told me that he likes his daddy's face more.)

- I love his buns - naked, in jammies, in jeans.... I just love them

- I love having tickle wars, because unlike other kids, he doesn't try to tickle me back. (I don't like how kids tickle) He just laughs and laughs and then tells me to do it again.

- I love how he holds my hand. We don't always hold hands, but he always knows when I want him to hold my hand and he'll grab my hand before I even ask for it.

- I love it when he sings to music. His 2 favorites: "bubbly toes" by jack johnson and "Enter Sandman" by Metallica

- I love it when he makes up his own songs, that actually sound like they could be real songs and have repeating chorus'

- I love the pictures he draws even though I am a huge blob with eyes in his mind.

- I love how he starts conversations with adult like sayings like: "so I was thinking..." "I have an idea..." "how about we..."

- I love how he loves. He has a big heart and loves people quickly.

- I love that he's become more giving and aware of others feelings lately. He says things like "sorry" and "please" more often than he used to. And I think he actually means them when he says it.

- I love when he tells me jokes. He actually makes me laugh.

- I love that he makes me laugh all the time, without intending to

- I love that when he smiles he has several cheeks

- I love the dimples on his hands, even though they're starting to fade.

- I love that he wears boots a lot. Usually rain boots but occasionally cowboy boots. I especially love when he wears cowboy boots.

- I love how good his memory is, and that he'll randomly say things like "remember when you left my hot dog and your drink on top of the car at costco and started driving? that was funny"

- I love that he loves animals even though he hasn't perfected the "love gently" thing.

- I love that he makes me want to be better.

- I love that he wants to be like me

- I love how much he is like me.

photos by casey brevig


  1. such a great post. it's amazing how much our children can melt out hearts; how much we need them. i loved a lot of things on this list, but the ones i remember (and related to) were the "loving his buns" one (i can't get enough of ray's bum. the other kids have outgrown my love for their bums, but ray's still got it going on.) and the "adult conversations" one. i love the words they come up with. nolan used to say "actually,..." all the time.
    happy love month. :)

  2. I love this post!! It made me tear up!