Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heart Strings

You know how there are those people that you have an undeniable, unexplainable connection with? Those people that you feel drawn to, they make your smile that much brighter, you feel more like yourself when you are with them, more whole, more of an understanding?

The first time I remember experiencing this was on the first day of 5th grade. I was in a 4th/5th split class. There were only going to be ten 5th graders in the class and I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be happy and wouldn’t have as many friends, since our class was somewhat separated from the other 5th grade classes. Then Steph walked in. (sounds cheesy already right.) She had just moved here from California, and was the new kid. I instantly new that she was going to be my best friend. She and I have talked about it several times since then and we both agree that we were instant best friends. We've had our struggles, just like any friendship, but most importantly we have always, and will always be there for each other.

Most of you who read my blog know Amy. She’s awesome. I was always drawn to Amy. My first memory of this was when I was probably 16. Amy and her husband Damon were the youth leaders who drove the vehicle I was in over to a church youth retreat. I don’t remember who else was in the car, but I do remember thinking that they were both awesome. I clearly remember thinking that I wanted a relationship like they had. That I wanted to be more like them. I thought that that feeling of being drawn to Amy was just a one way thing until about a year and a half ago. Not being active in church I had asked not to have visiting teachers (a person from church who is assigned to check up on you once a month.) I really DID NOT want to have anyone from the church checking on me. But then Amy told me that she had requested to be my visiting teacher because SHE had always felt drawn to ME for some unknown reason.

The funny thing about my friendship with Amy is that we’ve never hung out. I don’t have a picture of myself with her, or any real inside jokes or crazy experiences. But I completely adore her and I do consider her to be my friend.


  1. How do I respond to that? You are amazing Erin, I am so lucky to have you!!

  2. awwww. dan- start a blog and write a sweet post about HER. that's how you respond. (or just make a sweet comment on her post- that'll do)

    i have to admit, scrolling slowly down as i was reading and then suddenly seeing a picture of myself startled me. that was weird. :)
    such a beautiful post, though. it is both strange and funny that i consider you to be a good friend when we've never done "friends" kinds of things together. i'm a social retard, actually. i don't love the "girlfriend scene"; i'd much prefer to be with my husband or myself. see?- i'm lame. one of these days we'll get a real picture of us together. :) from like sears or something.

    just kidding.

    thanks for the sweet words, erin. i heart you, too.

  3. p.s. that's totally funny that you remember thinking damon and i were cool on that youth retreat (fort flagler?) because we both thought we were really lame and out of our element.

    and also- have to agree about the undeniable draw to you, too. one of these days we'll have a long chat and figure it all out.

  4. I am so happy for you babe!
    PS in the comments Amy put Fort Flagler as the possible location of your youth retreat and I love that place. We grew up camping there every year. =)

    I can't wait to hear many more stories with you and Dan!