Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look better NAKED!

I've thought many times that all I need to do to motivate myself to eat better and work out more often is to just put a picture of my naked body somewhere where I would see it often. The problem is that then other people may also see this picture of my naked body... not such an appealing idea. Thus I have never done that.

Down the street from my work there is a new gym opening up. It's the David Barton Gym. Their ad slogan is "Look better naked." I like the idea and I understand that they are trying to take the bold approach. That is also obvious by taking a look at their website. (which, btw, is not for childrens eyes)

One of the girls I work with is going to join the David Barton Gym and she invited me to go with her to their pre-opening party. I have no intention of joining the gym, and I am purely going for the free appetizers and the social hour aspect of it.

And one last thought about this... every day I drive by where the new gym will be located. They have HUGE window signs advertising the gyms opening. This person is on all of the signs. My question is: Is this I man or a woman? I'm confused. Make-up, but something about them makes me feel like it's a man? What are your thoughts?

I'll let you know how the appetizers are! :)


  1. So this event was run HORRIBLY. We were there for 45ish minutes before we got our first drink or appetizer. It was interesting to watch people turn into animals as we got more and more hungry. The server would bring out one little plate of food and there were like 100 people who wanted it. Yikes!

    But the company was great. Thanks Christy for inviting me out.

    Oh and there were some very bold looking people there. there was one man, maybe in his 40's, obviously had work done to his face. We concluded that he looked like a Lion. Not probably what he was going for. :)

  2. I think that's a woman, but what the . . .? I think their boldness in marketing is intriguing. I think it'll actually work on the demographic that they are obviously trying to attract.

  3. definitely a woman....look at the arms. Weird hair though...

  4. Ha! This looks is a San Francisco special. :) I think it's purposely androgynous. Not really a look I'm trying to emulate, but it makes people look twice at the add. I'm too scared to look at their website! I might see too many "before" pictures that look a lot like me!