Monday, August 31, 2009

Designer for Less

I love nice clothes, but I hate paying for them. I have recently become a (free) member of the following sites. All of which give discounts on designer clothes. (yay) Although, really I'm too cheap for most of these things even at sale prices.

Seven For All Mankind are definitely my favorite brand of jeans and on Sept 3rd through the 5th they are going to be on sale on Rue La La. They'll probably sell our SUPER fast though.

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. You are funny. I am glad you have a place to have your mind ramble. you have a nice new blog with interesting thoughts.

  2. Woo hoo! I love Sevens! They're my fav jeans. I have to laugh at this photo of the jeans though. That is the flattest butt I've ever seen. Then again, this is coming from me. A few weeks ago a friend of mine (who happens to be black) told me I had a serious booty! She didn't just mention this once either. She probably told me 5 times that day that I had a lot going on back there. She meant it as a compliment, but honestly, it made me wonder if I need to get a little junk out of my trunk! :)