Friday, August 28, 2009

bits of hippie

I would never consider myself "green" or to be a "hippie" but I do recycle and I try to make my little differences in the world.

Today I bought these cute bags to add to my reusable bag collection. (hopefully I'll actually remember to bring them IN to the store.)

I also feel drawn to these recycled bottles that are turned into cups. How cute! Check out the sellers etsy shop for all kinds of recycled cups.
I really like these shoes! And I asked a co-worker what she thought of them. She said, "I love them, but they are totally hippie!" She's a hippie at heart, so of course she loved them, but she was surprised that I did.

Speaking of hippies and the like... a week from today I am headed down to the Bay area to visit 2 of my sisters and their husbands and one niece! (yay! I love my family!) The sister and bro-in-law that I'm staying with live just outside of Berkley. So I'll get to see some real hippies! Yay for all natural. I love people with passion!


  1. Well, I consider myself both "green" and sorta "hippie" (I live in Berkeley after all!) and I have to say that I LOVE these cute bags! I have a few boring reusable shopping bags that I use for groceries but now I want to get some of these cute bags! I also totally love the pop bottle glasses!! They'd be so fun to use at a party. Love them!

  2. Those bags were only $1.50 each! you should get some!!