Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Mom

My mom is someone who I love very much. The older I get the more I love and appreciate my mom. Being a mother myself has also taught me a lot about my mom. It's made me understand her love for me more than I did before.

Here are just some of the reasons why I love my mom:
  • She has a fun sense of humor. I think those who don't know my mom well don't know this about her, but she likes to joke and laugh. I think this aspect of her personality creates a lot of fun moments.
  • She is very creative. She comes up with creative activities, she gives creative gifts. She makes life more fun by adding twists and turns to the everyday ho-hum stuff.
  • She is non judgemental. I really respect that my mom is not quick to judge. She sees the big picture in many situations and understands that it does no good to judge others.
  • She loves. There are many qualities that I hope that I have of my moms, but I'm pretty sure that I have this one. From her I have learned to always be someone who loves.
  • She also loves animals. We have always had a dog in our house and my mom has always treated our family dogs as a member of the family. I think this love and respect for animals has helped to teach all of us in our family about how to love and care for people, animals or things.
  • She has the ability to keep her home a place of love. There have always been lots of people who are not members of our family who come by our parents house on a regular basis. I think this is because they feel comforted by the feeling of love in my parents home.
  • She is very good at creating traditions. This probably goes along with her creativity, but my mom has created so many fun traditions in our family. From 7pm ice cream time every Sunday night, to our family Christmas traditions. She gives us opportunities to have fun together and have moments that we can look forward to and depend on.
  • She is a wonderful Grandma. As most of you know, my mom takes care of my son while I'm at work. I am forever grateful for this. I know she absolutely loves William, and she shows it constantly.
  • She is selfless. She will give of herself for others and she never looks back or holds it over your head.
  • She taught me how to be independent. She always made us aware that she would be there for us, but that did not mean that she wouldn't have us pay natural consequences. I think I am a better, more capable adult because of the responsibility that my mom taught me by loving me, but not babying me.
  • She is my friend. We cry together, laugh together, talk together.


  1. i love "your mom". i am lucky enough to know that she is, indeed, funny. she is a great example of many things, but unconditionally loving and being non-judgmental definitely stand out.
    i envy the relationship you have with your mom.

  2. Aw - I love Mom too and this really makes me miss her. She is our glue, our rock, our heart and our love. And I know that she loves you just as much.

  3. You summed her up so well. I hope to be like Mom when I grow up. Of course when she was my age she had 5 kids. Not sure when I plan on growing up. We'll have to see.
    Another thing I noticed about Mom in the last few years is how she mothers her grown children. She's so careful about not telling is us what to do or getting involved in our business. I don't know if I'll be able to do that!