Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the not so little things

Events of Yesterday:
  • Woke up late because the NyQuil I took the night before worked a little too well
  • Arrived late to work
  • Felt tired all day - contemplated hiding in a closet to take a nap at work
  • Received a text from Joel reminding me that he was going to make dinner that night and that my job was to bring home a movie
  • Watched the clock, waiting for it to finally be time to leave work
  • Received some texts from Joel while he was at the grocery store
  • Smiled for the millionth time that day
  • Finally 5, hurried to pick up the movie and get home
  • Joel was waiting for me at my place
  • Tried to help Joel prepare dinner, was physically picked up and placed on the couch and told to relax
  • Tried again, and again and finally realized there was nothing that I could do to get him to let me help
  • Watched one of my law shows while I waited for dinner
  • Dinner was ready - smiled at how absolutely amazing Joel is
  • Ate tons of the super yummy dinner - Talapia stuffed with crab, green beans with cashews and honey glaze, spinach salad with fruit
  • Stared at Joel in amazement
  • Washed the dishes together, even though Joel wanted me to sit on the couch while he did it.
  • Watched tv while I rubbed Joel's back and listened to him answer the questions on Jeopardy
  • Watched the movie Brothers and drank a glass of wine, while snuggled up with Joel
  • Smiled each time he kissed me on the top of my head
  • Joel told me he had tickets for the Mariners game in 2 weeks.
  • Smiled thinking about last time we went to the Mariners game.
  • Snuggles, kisses
  • Fall asleep smiling - again.
(Am I dreaming?!)


  1. you're making me hungry!!! And he sounds amazing!

  2. the food looks delicious! Can I get the recipe for the stuffed tilapia?

  3. i hope that wasn't a dream.
    he sounds pretty amazing. hope you're feeling better.

  4. dude you're so far behind on your bloggette =)